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The second part of DEF – Wrath of the Gods is available today.

Preview of SF book cover art for Revelations. The second part of DEF Wrath of the Gods

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If not already, the eBook will soon be available at the following; Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony Reader Store, Apple ibookstore, the Diesel eBook Store, Baker & Taylor’s Blio and Axis360 (Please let me know if I have missed any).

The price seems to vary from place to place. I had intended $4.99 US price £3.29 UK as per exchange rate. Amazon charge $5.14 US and £3.34 UK. I would like to set the RRP to be the same everywhere. If there is anyone out there reading this that can tell me how to do this please get in touch.

The first book (The Journey to the Black Mountains) is still free to download from many sites, however amazon require a small charge (of which I receive 0 funds per book – happy to except it as payment for using their great publishing sevices 😉 thank you amazon – and a big thank you to readers who have paid for my first book, hopefully you all enjoyed it!  Smashwords do not charge for the book – thank you smashwords for your great publishing sevices 😉 I would also like to thank readers who downloaded the free copies of my first book. Not entirely sure how many people have actually read the story. If anyone has read it and has a bit of spare time to share their opinions, likes and dislikes, please contact me.