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The second part of DEF – Wrath of the Gods is available today.

Preview of SF book cover art for Revelations. The second part of DEF Wrath of the Gods

Follow links below.

If not already, the eBook will soon be available at the following; Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony Reader Store, Apple ibookstore, the Diesel eBook Store, Baker & Taylor’s Blio and Axis360 (Please let me know if I have missed any).

The price seems to vary from place to place. I had intended $4.99 US price £3.29 UK as per exchange rate. Amazon charge $5.14 US and £3.34 UK. I would like to set the RRP to be the same everywhere. If there is anyone out there reading this that can tell me how to do this please get in touch.

The first book (The Journey to the Black Mountains) is still free to download from many sites, however amazon require a small charge (of which I receive 0 funds per book – happy to except it as payment for using their great publishing sevices 😉 thank you amazon – and a big thank you to readers who have paid for my first book, hopefully you all enjoyed it!  Smashwords do not charge for the book – thank you smashwords for your great publishing sevices 😉 I would also like to thank readers who downloaded the free copies of my first book. Not entirely sure how many people have actually read the story. If anyone has read it and has a bit of spare time to share their opinions, likes and dislikes, please contact me.


Thursday 1st August – Revelations

The second part of DEF Wrath of the Gods enters the world on Thursday the 1st of August 2013. Revelations can be pre-ordered from smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony Reader Store, Apple ibookstore, the Diesel eBook Store, Baker & Taylor’s Blio and Axis360.

Preview of SF book cover art for Revelations. The second part of DEF Wrath of the Gods
Preview of SF book cover art for Revelations. The second part of DEF Wrath of the Gods


Yes, I finally did it!

Yes, I finally did it!

Here is the link to Smashwords, download my book for free. Please download the latest version, I had to upload a few changes to the document because there were a few format problems.

I can only apologise, to everyone that downloaded it the instant it went live, sorry. I am new to the process;-). Minor glitches but hopefully nothing that will stop you from reading it. Please let me know if the book does not work on your device.

DEF – Wrath of the Gods – Journey to the Black Mountains

Available in the following formats:

Epub (Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most e-reading apps including Stanza, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions, others)

Kindle (.mobi for Kindle devices and Kindle apps) available from Smashwords and Amazon.

Also available in PDF, PDB, RTF, LRF format.

Hope you enjoy it. Got the second coming out soon, just doing the final edit.

Feedback will be most welcome – please – good or bad, constructive criticism rather than destructive ;-).

Book Exracts

-Book extracts-

 As part of my blog I have added snippets of text from different chapters of DEF – Wrath of the Gods – The journey to the Black Mountains. In the future more extracts will be posted from new stories. I welcome any constructive criticism and will answer any relevant questions as soon as possible.

Chapter 4. Kotai Warrior Braves

Swinging through the vines and leaping from tree to tree, a Kotai Warrior Brave named Tukvar was making his way back to King Batwan Kotai to tell him what he had recently witnessed. He’d been in the vicinity of an incident on a mountainside; Tukva had seen the humans travelling upon their flying mechanical beasts, and the exact moment that one of them had crashed.

Tukvar was slim compared to the average fully grown Kaotäri male. His body was well toned, almost ripped; his muscles defined but not bulky. Tukva’s body had clearly made him more agile and perfect for scouting in the jungle, especially from up high in the tree canopy.

Tukva’s two Krillion companions had followed beneath him on the ground; they’d scrambled through the undergrowth and occasionally stopped to look up and check for the whereabouts of their master.

It was possible for Kotai Warrior Braves to travel great distances relatively quickly via the tree canopy. Some of the big vines allowed Tukvar to swing as much as fifty feet across from vine to tree or vine to vine.

When there was not a quick route available via the vines between the trees, Tukva climbed up further into the canopy where the branches intermingled and tangled together; there, he effortlessly ran and leapt from tree top to tree top.

Most of the leaves on the large ancient trees were twice the size of Tukvar, some even bigger; he’d used them as spring boards and leapt further and faster to his destination.

On the rare occasion that Tukvar became tired, thirsty or hungry upon the forest canopy he’d used the jungle’s natural resources to recuperate. Up in the canopy there was food in abundance. Bird’s nests were dotted around; they’d often contained eggs or even birds that made for a good snack. Depending on the time of year, nuts, berries and fruits were there to be foraged for. Certain types of trees would catch rain water, condensation or dew and hold it in their funnel shaped leaves like cups, perfect for a thirsty Kotai Warrior Brave.

This is not to say that the jungle’s treetop canopy was a paradise, it was also fraught with hidden dangers. Poisonous plants and insects were rife. Only an experienced native Kaotäri could have survived any long periods of time in the canopy. Many deadly arachnids and reptiles laid in wait, ready to catch birds; dangerous treetop dwelling creatures were so well camouflaged that they’d appear to be invisible to the untrained eye.

Tukvar had the experience and knowledge to avoid certain types of trees that the most common dangerous species were often found on, and he knew how to find natural antidotes in the jungle for the rare occasions he’d been bitten.

DEF – Wrath of the Gods – The journey to the Black Mountains

Text extract taken from Chapter 7. Danger on the Darbak

‘Srg, you still alive?’ whispered Nero as he checked Davian’s vital signs, ‘okay, he’s still breathing, that’s a good thing,’ Nero tried to make light of the dire situation they were in, ‘I was wrong, you do have a heart!’

Davian’s eyelids flickered as signs of life ebbed back into his body. Suddenly his whole body convulsed as he came back into consciousness coughing and spluttering.

He sat up, held his knees apart and hung his head between them still clearing his lungs from the dust and ash that he’d inhaled – Nero aided Davian with a few forceful pats on the back.

‘You’re one lucky bastard. The others are all dead.’ whispered Nero, still being careful and aware that any sudden movement or noise may put them both in danger.

Davian tried to spit out the remains of the dry powdery ash and gritty dust. There was hardly any saliva in his mouth, it forced him to swallow down and nearly gag. Nero handed him his water canteen.

‘Thanks…’ said Davian in a parched rough tone. He took a large mouthful from the bottle and swirled the water around the inside of his mouth before spitting it out on to the ground. Davian then swigged back three or four more mouthfuls to try and get rid of the bitter burnt taste that was stuck in the back of his throat.

‘Srg, something is in the water – near the middle of the tree that fell over. A couple of minutes ago I could hear and see a shit load of bubbles over there on the river surface. It must be the mermians.’ explained Nero quietly, gesturing with the end of his rifle as he pointed it towards the area in question.

‘It was,’ replied Davian as he dragged himself up on to his feet, ‘I recognised the sound of their targeting system…,’ he said, trying not to raise his voice although he was clearly angry, ‘…slippery blue gilled bastards,’

DEF – Wrath of the Gods – The journey to the Black Mountains

Text extract taken from Chapter 11. Survival of the Fittest

Something moved amongst the pile of carcasses. Phobos and Krava were standing on the narrow border of soft black soil, under the opening between the inner wall of the shaft and the grotesque mound of dead animal remains, both facing towards the pile. The sound of the squidgy bubbling mud became noticeably louder than before, particularly nearer to Phobos and Krava; both Merlorians wisely raised their SR rifles to the ready, expecting whatever it was to appear at any moment.

Slowly, the festering pile came alive with wriggling bodies of hideously oversized maggots. Unlike maggots of the usual kind, they were much longer in proportion, more liken to a catapillar but without the feet or eyes.

Everyone focused on the ugly, swamp dwelling creatures: watching them crawl up through the rotten carcasses, their swollen rings of body-mass, etched with creases and wrinkles that gave the creatures enough traction to pull through the sickening debris to sample the new meal, Ladria; their sludge splattered, off-white and slightly opaque, wriggly bodies had a faint bioluminescent glow that made them quite easy to spot.

Early evening light from far above the swamp glistened over the first three maggot-creatures that had set upon devouring the headless remains of Ladria. Their gaping mouth-holes widened, revealing a spiral array of several hundred pearly white, spiny barbed, razor-sharp teeth, set around and down from the inside rim of the mouth-opening, disappearing down into the pits of their stomachs.

One on each leg, foot first, and the third started to slowly swallow Ladria’s forearm, her lifeless, limp left hand had gone first, down into the tunnel of teeth. The poor Merlorian’s dead body was slowly tugged back and forth between the three ugly maggots as they consumed her.

Krava, enraged by such a horrendous spectacle, had found it too much; witnessing the loss of a fellow Merlorian and friend was one thing, but seeing them devoured without honour or pride in such a degrading way was another. Without Selene’s permission he opened fire on the repugnant creatures.

`VRRR BOOM…´ the infamous sound of a mermian SR rifle echoed up through the shaft, towards the pool of light high above them.

`SLOSH…´ the nearest maggot exploded, spraying an acidic substance in all directions. It fizzed and bubbled as it splattered over the rotten carcasses, and created a strange green vapour that quickly dispersed into the foul smelling air.

NO…’ ordered Selene to Krava via telepathy, although she needn’t have, the silence had already been well and truly broken.

Krava and Phobos were narrowly missed by the acid. Krava realised that it was too dangerous to shoot the maggots at close range, but he was faced with the threat of one coming out from the swamp at the bottom of the heaped carcasses. He tried to follow Phobos and ran to the right, towards Thieus, but the horrid creature stopped him in his tracks.

As Krava had turned to run, two jets of liquid streamed out from the maggots mouth, up at the back of his head. Burning acid seeped into his skin and immediately began to dissolve his flesh; bubbling, fizzing and frothing as it ate down to the bone. He screamed out in sheer agony. The acid which had been sprayed onto his back, or had dripped down onto his back from his head, had eaten through his clothing and was burning through his skin.

Disorientated by the intense pain, Krava stumbled too far to his left, and fell backwards screaming into the swampy black carcass-gloop.

There was nothing anybody could have done to save him, other than to shoot him before the maggots got to him. So that was exactly what Selene thought to do; quickly drawing aim, she fired one SR blast to his head causing a blood curdling cracking sound that killed Krava instantly.

The clicking and chattering sound, Ladria had described to Charon before she was taken and killed, could be heard again. It came from the opening, above, where her headless body had been unceremoniously thrown from.

DEF – Wrath of the Gods – The journey to the Black Mountains

Text extract taken from Chapter 13. Pause for Thought

‘Tukva, are you sleeping?’ said King Batwan Kotai.

‘Not anymore my King,’ replied a yawning voice, ‘What is on your mind Batwan?’ asked Tukva, now disturbed by the Kings failed attempt at whispering.

‘I did not mean for you to wake, ‒ you know my voice is too deep for me to speak quietly!’

Tukva laughed a little at Batwan’s now failed attempt at an apology, and asked King Batwan once more, ‘What is on your mind Batwan?’

‘We have often talked about the humans and the water demons. We agree that the humans could have come to our world from another. They make such things to do this, they travel inside their flying demons, this could make it possible.’ said the King thoughtfully.

‘Yes,’ agreed Tukva.

‘As you have told me, many a time before, it is possible that the water demons also came from another world beyond our moons.’ said the King to Tukva.

‘Yes.’ he replied.

‘If this is to be true, is it also possible that the stories told of our ancient gods are really about demons from another world?’ said the King.

‘Yes, it could be,’ replied Tukva, ‘so why is it bothering you? It is not as if you or I have always believed in all the ancient religious traditions and rituals of the gods, and even as King you only uphold the current traditions to save face in front of the elders – because you like to keep everyone happy, my King.’ said Tukva, perplexed as to what Batwan was thinking.

‘No, I am thinking about how we could defend ourselves against immortals. We can kill the sky demon humans and the water demons, but the ancient stories tell us that the dark armies sent by the god of the third moon could not be stopped – they could not be killed. If they are from another world beyond our moons, they could be mortal like the other demons. I was hoping that if we do have to fight them ‒ that there may be some way of killing them, ‒ if they have come to punish my people.’ explained Batwan to Tukva as quietly as his deep voice would allow him.

Batwan had a feeling that whatever was going to happen at the Black Mountains, it was going to involve fighting.

‘Go back to sleep now, my friend.’ said the King to Tukva.

‘Minions of the gods or demons from other worlds, we will deal with whatever is dealt to us Batwan.’ replied Tukva calmly. He rolled over to his left side, upon his make-shift bed of leaves beside Batwan and closed his eyes.