DEF – Wrath of the Gods – The Journey to the Black mountains

Welcome to my blog. I will be shamelessly promoting my first book and hope to get feedback on my efforts (good or bad). The story was far too big to be one book so it will be released in two parts. A third story in the series is in the pipeline.

I have always wanted to write an epic SF action adventure story. A few years later and a whole load of my spare time gone, I did it – and the biggest test is now, will anyone read it and like it? 

Part 1 of the story – The Journey to the Black Mountains – is available as an ebook from Smashwords and Amazon in a variety of file formats.  I wanted to unleash my book into the world for free. Although it can be downloaded for no charge from the Smashwords website, a small charge for it at Amazon is required. I will post any free promo dates from Amazon on to the blog.

Check out my posts for more details about the book, and please feel free to comment.

Kind regards

Lee Fulford


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